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As long as I can remember, I’ve had a heart for saving those little every day moments, and a camera in my hand to do just that. 

Whether it was a good ol' disposable, a little digital (hello myspace days), a smart phone, or my heavy-duty, professional camera, I’ve always wanted to photograph everything. It’s so powerful the way a little printed picture can take you back to a moment long gone, and all the feelings and thoughts and sounds and smells. 

I’m almost always saying “Remember when…” And it all comes down to the small, candid details to tell that story.

anything 90s,

lover of sunshine when it's raining,

Door County has been a major place for my family and our memories. I met my husband on a little island here when we were teenagers. And when he got out of the military, we came back to our roots, and brought our little family back here to settle down for a slower pace of life.

I’ll admit, I’m the worst at actually slowing down. Outside of photography, we have four busy kids, and I’ve been slowly adopting more and more animals for our funny little farm. 


til I cry

the best photos feel like 


take a peek into mine

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oh, i have chickens too

mama first

I have 4 spirited kids (6 if you count my two goats Ozzy and Marvin). Motherhood makes you evolve in all the best ways, and has made me who I am today.

farm gal

Chickens, and ducks, and goats, oh my! While our farm isn’t functional, I’m always ready to add another cute little chick or an injured animal that needs help to our home.

blue hour

Every photographer loves the romantic, warm light from golden hour (including me!) but that clear blue sky right after golden hour is so peaceful and calm.

game night

Nothing beats having family and friends who turned into family gather around the table to play games, catch up, and enjoy life together.

I sure hope so! I love connecting with clients and seeing their story unfold year after year.


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